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Frequently asked questions

  • My project has already started. Is it too late to use the ST&M tools?
    NO - These processes are appropriate for use any time during a project, not just at the start of a project.
  • Can I get more information about these processes and tools?
    YES - we publish our findings. Check out our Books for Sale
  • Do I need to buy the BestFit software to use these processes?
    NO - but the BestFIT software was created to make it faster and easier to use the processes.
  • How does ST&M meet my need for due diligence?
    ST&M contains the the Serviceability Scales, which are quite comprehensive; our scales cover 100+ topics and 340 building features, each with levels of quality calibrated from 0 to 9 (less to more).
  • Are the processes independent of each other?
    YES - Each set of scales can be used separately and independently of the other. For example, use only the Facility Rating Scales to rate a portfolio of buildings.
  • Can I use this process to assess a building on offer for lease?
    YES - ST&M can be used with owned and buildings on offer for lease. It is a very powerful tool for assessing a portfolio of buildings.
  • How have you tested the processes?
    YES - The first comprehensive set of serviceability scales and methods were approved as ASTM standards in 1995 and were accepted as American National Standards (ANS) in 1996-97. Corporations and governments have pilot-tested them and are adopting them. They are being taught and used in several countries.
  • I need to assess the design criteria for a project. Can I use ST&M?
    YES - ST&M is quite suitable to use as part of the front-end for a design-build project. ST&M is used by the United States Foreign Buildings Office (FBO) to assess and revise their design criteria for new FBO embassies and chanceries.
  • If I buy the BestFit software do I have to buy the rest of the ST&M?
    NO - The software itself is easy to use. However, to achieve the best results you will need to read and understand the underlying principles contained in Volume 1: "Methods for Setting Occupant Requirements and Rating Buildlings". Volume 2, "Scales for Setting Occupant Requirements and Rating Buildings" contains the ASTM Standard Serviceability Scales, which are integrated into the software. At the beginning of each scale is important information to help you understand the topics and features within each the scales.
  • How do I buy the BestFit software?
    The software can be purchased through ST&M Inc. Call ST&M at +1-613-721-2271, send an e-mail to, or fax at +1 613-723-9167.
  • I need space for a small occupant group. Will ST&M help me?
    YES - ST&M is not limited to either the number of occupants or a minimum square footage.

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