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ST&M's BestFIT® software, combined with the Serviceability Scales, will establish a sound foundation for portfolio and asset management strategies.

BestFIT® Software

BestFIT® Software is a unique software created by Serviceability Tools and Methods, Inc. (ST&M®). It enables you to find the best match between people and facilities. You can use BestFit® to define your functional and operational requirements for space, assess one or several facilities and decide which facility will best suit your needs, or review the proposal or new design for your facility. This software is designed to support decision making, strategic planning, TQM/ISO 9000, benchmarking, facility planning, and asset and portfolio management.

Develop profiles

Develop occupant and facility profiles using the data entry window. Simply select the text that best describes your requirement or the facility capability.

BestFIT® Software Data Entry Window
BestFIT is a registered trademark of Serviceability Tools & Methods Inc.

Text profile
Barchart profile


Compare profiles

Requirements between occupant groups
Capability of various facilities
Occupant requirements to facility capability


Analyze and make decisions

Match occupant requirements to facilities
Identify significant differences
Prepare management reports fast

Report generated with BestFit® Software
BestFIT is a registered trademark of Serviceability Tools & Methods Inc.


Manage by exception
Benchmark requirements
Capture organizational memory
Improve communications
Provide due diligence

Use the BestFIT® Software and the Serviceability Scales!

ST&M®, Serviceability Tools and Methods®, and BestFIT® are regisered trademarks of TEAG Inc.

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