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Topics of the Serviceability Scales (ST&M)


Each of the following scales is cross referenced to a specific ASTM Standard, e.g. scale A.1 Support for Office Work is cross-referenced to the ASTM Standard E 1660.

A.1 Support for Office Work (E 1660)
A.2 Meetings and Group Effectiveness (E1661)
A.3 Sound and Visual Environment (E1662)
A.4 Thermal Environment and Indoor Air (--)
A.5 Typical Office Information Technology (E1663)
A.6 Change and Churn by Occupants (E1692)
A.7 Layout and Building Features (E1664)
A.8 Protection of Occupant Assets (E 1693)
A.9 Facility Protection (E 1665)
A.10 Work Outside Normal Hours or Conditions (E 1666)
A.11 Image to Public and Occupants (E 1667)
A.12 Amenities to Attract and Retain Staff (E 1668)
A.13 Special Facilities and Technologies (E 1694)
A.14 Location, Access and Wayfinding (E 1669}

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