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ICF contributes extensively to the development of standards for the management, performance and serviceability of buildings and building-related facilities.

Two matched sets of scales with 100+ topics

The Serviceability Scales are ASTM1 and ANSI2 Standards that enable anyone - occupants, managers and owners of office buildings - to use them in the planning, use, management and ownership of buildings.

Occupant requirement scales

  • use to set requirements for functionality and quality
  • describes occupants' needs in everyday, non-technical language
  • the core of front-end planning

Facility rating scales

  • use to assess the capability of a facility to meet those levels of requirements
  • performance indicators express each level of service

Sample scale

Each set of scales categorized into:

  • the "A" Scales for Group and Individual Effectiveness.
  • the "B" Scales for the Building and its Management.

Each set can be used separately and independently of the other:

  • they have been pilot tested and adopted by corporations and governments
  • they are being taught and used in several countries

List of "A" and "B" Scales (11KB)

1American Society for Testing and Materials. ASTM sub-committee E06.25 on Whole Buildings and Facilities
2ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standards.

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