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The Serviceability Tools and Methods® (ST&M®) is a set of macro level processes. ST&M is appropriate for strategic decision-making about occupant requirements for space and about facility serviceabililty.

The Serviceability Tools & Methods®(ST&M®)

At the heart of ST&M is the process of working with occupants. This process of communicating with stakeholders, valuing their input, being responsive, is often as important as the outcome itself. This will often determine the acceptability of the results.

What does ST&M include?

ST&M includes two matched sets of Serviceability Scales, formats for describing the organization, and function-based tools for estimating how much floor area an organization needs.

What is ST&M designed for?

ST&M is designed to bridge the gap between "functional programs" written in user language, and "outline specifications and evaluations" written in performance language. It is a standardized approach, and can be easily adapted to reflect the particular needs of a specific organizatio.

"Use the Serviceability Tools and Methods for cost-effective facilities to support the mission"

What can you do with ST&M?

Determine and set the functional and quality requirements for space
Rate a building or portfolio of buildings
Find the best fit between occupant requirements and facility capability
Estimate the amount of space required by an occupant group
Determine how much space is really available to occupants in a building
Learn how to layout occupant groups on a floor

What does ST&M deliver?

Graphic profiles
Descriptive text profiles
Graphic comparisons
Quantity spreadsheet, normalized to 100 population
Estimate of the amount of floor area lost to building loss features
Footprint and layout guides

What are the key benefits of using ST&M?

Enhance organizational effectiveness
Increase credibility when proposing more functional and appropriate facilities
Understand the costs and benefits of more functional and humane facilities
Learn how to state your requirements
ST&M is straightforward, easy to use and update, and simple yet comprehensive and systematic

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