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The Serviceability Tools & Methods® (ST&M®) approach is a practical, comprehensive, and cost-effective means of identifying the functional requirements of the occupants and organizations and of determining the serviceability of facilities.

It can be used at many decision points during project delivery and throughout the life cycle of assets and logistics support.

Managers use this methodology to set mission based priorities and support decisions about current funding or deployment and for strategic planning to a future date. It is a key metric in the allocation process of funds in times of budget constraints.

ST&M Approach and Life Cycle Asset Management

ICF offers training in the ST&M approach. Courses are designed to provide different levels of working knowledge to individuals and groups who are involved with various aspects of Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management.

ST&M uses two matched, multiple-choice questionnaires and scales which are approved ASTM standards and American National Standards (ANSI).

Customized in-house training courses are also available. For more information please contact the course co-ordinator at:

The International Centre for Facilities, #200-440 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1R 7X6.

Fax: +1 613-723-9167 | Telephone: +1 613-727-1788 | E-mail:

Current Courses:

Picture of training session Manager's Introduction to the ST&M® Approach .... 1/2-Day Module

Picture of training sessionSpacer ImageHow to Rate the Serviceability of Facilities using the ST&M® Approach.... 1-Day Module

Picture of training session How to Set Functional Requirement Levels Using the ST&M® Approach.... 1 1/2-Day Module


New Course Scheduled for the Summer of 2006:

Picture of training session ICF is developing a new course for Facilities Executives. This course will show how to take advantage of the Internet/Intranet to quickly identify significant gaps between the demand for and the supply of physcial assets in a corporate portolio. This course will also introduce you to the use of this methodology for identifying potential projects and setting priorities within the constraints of a budget envelope.

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